XEB Series Hot Water Gas-Fired Boiler Electronic Ignition, Taco Pump 84.4% - 42,000 BTU

XEB Series Hot Water Gas-Fired Boiler Electronic Ignition, Taco Pump 84.4% - 42,000 BTU

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Model #: XEB-2
Brand : Dunkirk

Availability: Out of stock

Product Highlights:

  • Compact design for low clearances

  • Honeywell High Limit/Electronic Control

  • Induced draft fan

Honeywell High Limit/Electronic Control.
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Dunkirk XEB Series Gas-Fired Hot Water Boiler Electronic Ignition, Taco Pump 84.4% - 42,000 BTU, XEB-2

The XEB Water Boiler by Dunkirk offers the best combination of heating comfort, efficiency, reliability and affordability, making it one of America’s Hottest Boiler Values.

Dunkirk’s exclusive high-tech titanium composite burners resist corrosion and oxidation while withstanding more heat than conventional stainless steel or aluminized burners. They provide superior strength and longevity and are backed by a full 3-year warranty, triple the industry standard.

Dunkirk utilizes cast iron to construct the boiler’s heat exchanger to provide heat transfer, reliability and strength. Since like materials expand and contract in the same proportion during heating and cooling, cast iron push nipples and sections produce stronger, more water-tight seals than steel push nipples or rubber gaskets.

Surprisingly compact, the XEB Water Boiler fits in tight spaces and is supplied assembled, with controls that are accessible and completely wired. Venting through chimney is standard, or the XEB may be side-wall vented with stainless steel vent pipe.


  • Up to 84.4% AFUE rating saves you money on fuel.
  • Compact design makes this a great boiler for small spaces.
  • Electronic ignition is simple and reliable.
  • Induced draft fan saves space.
  • Safety pressure switch.
  • Titanium burners that are built to last.
  • Cast-iron sections and cast-iron push nipples - Classic design.
  • Natural gas or propane - Your choice!

 Standard Equipment

  • Assembled boiler with insulated jacket
  • Combination high limit control and circulator relay
  • 24 volt transformer to power gas control system
  • Flame rollout safety shut-off fuse link (rollout switch) with spare fuse link included
  • Pressure switch for proving air flow
  • Combination pressure/temperature gauge (packed separately)
  • 1-1/4" Taco (or Grundfos) circulator pump with isolation (ball) valves (shipped separately for field mounting)
  • 3/4" boiler drain valve
  • 30 lb. ASME relief valve
  • Completely installed and wired gas control system with burners and manifold, consisting of: 
    • Titanium composite burners
    • Automatic redundant combination gas valve, 24 volt, with pilot filter
    • Pressure regulator
    • Intermittent Pilot Control, continuous re-try, 100% shut-off for natural & propane gas
    • Combination pilot/burner/ electrode/flame sensor
    • Complete installation instructions

Additional Information

Brand Dunkirk
Heating Type N/A
Mounting Type N/A
Energy Star Rated N/A
Warranty 20 year non-prorated limited warranty administered by younits.com