PTAC Hotel Style

These Amana PTAC ( Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner) units are often referred to as a ‘hotel style unit’ and offer both AC and heat. These are a thru the wall packaged systems that are ideal for providing heat and AC to offices, apartments and hotels. They’re reliable, and deliver efficient and quiet heat & AC which makes them ideal for rooms that require independent heating & cooling. There are 3 essential components to a new PTAC, the main A/C or heat pump unit, the wall sleeve and the exterior grille. You must have these 3 components for a PTAC heat/AC system to operate properly. The chassis is the main component in the system, The wall sleeve is an insulated steel casing and the grille protects the coils on the back of the chassis and also separates the fresh air which is coming in from the hot discharge air going out.

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