Hanging Furnaces

Our hanging furnaces mount from the ceiling in garages, warehouses, factories, etc. and are for commercial and residential usage. Hanging heaters are a type of forced air ductless heater that delivers heat by burning gas and dispensing it through the fan or blower.We have selections for regular combustion (Indoor Air) heat as well as separate Combustion (Outdoor Air) heaters. Unit heaters can be vented horizontally or vertically and have multiple suspension points, allowing for flexible installation. Additionally we offer a variety of installation components. With the convinient heat that these systems bring, you can enjoy heat in the garage, barn or virtually wherever you need a heat device off the floor and out of the way. 

Here is a general idea of how the furnace works to provide your space with heat: When there is a need for heat, the fuel from your natural gas line flows through a gas valve inside the garage heater. A spark or pilot flame ignites the fuel and a flame is produced inside a heat exchanger. When the heat exchanger reaches a pre-set temperature, a fan turns on which blows space air through the warm heat exchanger. The air entering the heat exchanger absorbs the heat from the heat exchanger, resulting in a warmer discharge heat. As the fuel is burned, by-products of combustion leave the garage heater through a vent pipe also called a chimney. Forced are heaters are: 

•Powerful, fast self contained heat producers. They don't rely on a centralized boiler to supply heat. 
•Low clearance requirements on low profile heaters. 
•Most heaters have adjustable louvers to help direct heat where you need it.
•Durable. All unit casings are treated for corrosion resistance and finished with a baked-on, high solids paint. 
•Huge range of sizes and styles to match the heater to your heating load. If selected properly, you don’t have to worry about under or over sizing. 
•The fan can run in the summer without heat to help circulate air. 
•Natural gas garage heaters are always ready to run. You don’t need to worry about replenishing your fuel supply in order to get heat.