Apartment Style Thru-The-Wall Units

While similar to the PTAC, Thru the Wall units are single, self-contained heat & AC units that exhaust heat and humidity from the room. Louvers bring in fresh air, the air runs through coils, which are cooled by the compressor using refrigerant and then the fan pushes the cool air back into the room. These Apartment Style heat & AC Systems are designed specifically for use in a wall and what separates them from the rest is that air & moisture are ventilated exclusively through the rear.They fit through a hole in an exterior wall and are generally used to cool a single room. Thru the wall units provide dependable heating and cooling comfort for all types of new and existing constructions such as high rise condominiums, garden apartments, retirement villages, luxury town homes and hotels. With the options of Gas Heat & Electric Cooling and All Electric Heating & Cooling in a totally self-contained package offers easy access and efficiency.