Top Center Supports for Baseray Baseboard - 10 Pack

Top Center Supports for Baseray Baseboard - 10 Pack

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Model #: TOP-CNT-SUPX10
Brand : Burnham

Availability: In stock

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Top Center Supports For Baseray Baseboard - 10 Pack


Installation of BASE-RAY® Assemblies

Install all fittings in end of sections and all necessary vents while assemblies are still laying flat on floor. Install bottom center supports prior to raising assemblies to upright position. Refer to table for number of supports required. They should be spaced evenly.Install the spring clip Bottom Center support by pushing it all the way up against the bottom of two fins and next to the waterway of the section as illustrated below. Run the ¼” cap screw into the clip until head is not more than ¾” from the clip.Stand Assemblies upright, place in position and fasten to the walls with Top Center Supports using the number shown in the table above. Insert Top Center Supports in Air Outlet opening of Sections opposite studs. Use wood screw furnished with Top Center Support and screw into stud until tight, the longer dimension of the top center support is in a vertical position when installed. Back off fraction of a turn to permit movement caused by expansion and contractions of sections. Adjust Bottom Center Supports by turning Cap Screws down until they begin to contact floor. Do not extend the Cap Screws any further. Connect assemblies to piping. Complete remainder of piping to boiler, fill system with water and check for leaks


A Burnham Original

Baseray is the original cast iron radiant baseboard designed by Burnham with performance and dependability in mind. Its low profile, sleek design fits well with any décor, and it can be painted with a high-grade enamel paint to coordinate with your room’s color scheme. Baseray baseboard radiators put the warm, comfortable and quiet heating of a cast iron radiator in a low profile package. Offering up to 5 times the amount of radiant heat provided by similar metal finned baseboard designs, the rugged and reliable cast iron Baseray baseboard also offers the additional benefit of quiet operation. Cast iron is far less susceptible to the sounds associated with the expansion and contraction of other baseboard radiators, providing both a warm and quiet room.

Burnham Products

  • Industry-Leading High Efficiency Products
  • The Most Knowledgeable People in the Industry
  • World-Class Production Capabilities


  • Comfortable, Even Heat
  • Durable Construction and Quiet Operation
  • Residential or Commercial Applications
  • Assemblies Up To and Including Six Lineal Feet
  • Combines Radiant Heat with Convected Heat


  • Low profile, durable cast iron construction
  • Even heat distribution
  • Durable design
  • Quiet operation
  • Works with all boilers made by U.S. Boiler Company


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Brand Burnham