TF100 Tubular Gas-Fired Unit Heater 81% - 100,000 BTU

TF100 Tubular Gas-Fired Unit Heater 81% - 100,000 BTU

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Model #: TF100
Brand : Sterling

Availability: In stock

Sterling TF100 Highlights:

  • 100,000 BTU

  • Garage/Space Heater

  • Vertical or Horizontal Venting

  • Direct Spark Ignition

  • Optional LPG/Propane Kit (45L85)
  • 81% AFUE

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Sterling 100,000 BTU 81% Tublular Gas-Fired Unit Heater - TF100

The Sterling Model “TF” gas-fi red unit heaters offer a highly effi cient, extremely durable alternative to the traditional clam shell design. These propeller type units combine the latest tubular heat exchanger and inshot burner technology with the quality and reliability you have come to know from Sterling. Model “TF” units are certifi ed by ETL for use in commercial and industrial applications. Sizes are available in 150 to 400 MBH.

Sterling TF100 High Efficiency

Standard energy saving features like the direct spark ignition and power venting reduces standby losses and offers improved seasonal effi ciencies. “TF” models are certifi ed by ETL as providing over 80% thermal (combustion) efficiency.

Sterling TF100 Tubular Heat Exchanger

The Sterling tubular heat exchanger has been designed to provide maximum and uniform heat transfer. The low pressure drop associated with this design enables heated air to be evenly distributed to the conditioned space. This curved, non-welded serpentine design experiences less thermally induced stress making it highly durable for significantly longer service life. All Sterling tubular heat exchangers are constructed of heavy duty 20-gauge aluminized steel. Optional 409 stainless steel is available.

Direct Spark Ignition System

Sterling Model “TF” units utilize a direct spark pilotless ignition of the burner, providing fast heat delivery. This highly reliable and efficient ignition system incorporates an integrated electronic control board to regulate the system sequence of operation, including an onboard LED indicator for simple troubleshooting.


Sterling Model “TF” unit heaters are ETL certified in accordance with categories I and III venting requirements. This certifi cation allows units to be vented both vertically and horizontally using either single wall or double wall venting materials. This venting fl exibility makes installation easier and more cost effective by allowing the installer to utilize existing venting components.

Sterling TF100 Control Accessibility

Designed with the service person in mind, every component of the Sterling gas-fi red unit heater is easily accessible. Ignition and fan controls are located in one centrally located control panel. The removable access door provides control isolation as well as a pleasing exterior appearance.

Sterling TF100 10-Year Warranty

Sterling warranties the heat exchanger, fl ue collector and burners of Model “TF” to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 10 years from the date of manufacture.

Sterling TF100 Standard Features

  • Inshot burner design
  • Direct Spark Ignition
  • Individually adjustable and removable louvers
  • 20-gauge steel jacket with baked enamel fi nish.
  • 120/1/60 supply voltage
  • Easy access control panel
  • Power vented
  • Single stage combination gas valve
  • 120/24 volt control transformer
  • 115/1/60 volt fan motor with internal overload protection
  • Right hand control access.

Additional Information

Brand Sterling
Application Heating
Energy Star Rated No
Heating Range 150,000-124,500
Warranty 10 year heat exchanger administered by