Steady State Efficiency Unit Heater 195,000 BTU 80.0%

Steady State Efficiency Unit Heater 195,000 BTU 80.0%

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Model #: LF24-200A
Brand : Allied Commercial

Availability: In stock


Product Highlights:

  • 195,000 BTU

  • Garage/Space Heater

  • Aluminized or stainless steel Tubular Heat Exchanger

  • Vertical or Horizontal Venting

  • Direct Spark Ignition

  • 115V - 60HZ - 1 phase

  • Optional LPG/Propane Kit (45L85)
  • 80% AFUE

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Allied Commercial 195,000 BTU 80.0% Steady State Efficiency Gas-Fired Unit Heater LF24-200A

One standard feature of all Allied Commercial unit heaters and duct furnaces is the tubular heat exchanger, designed to enhance performance and reliability. The exchanger’s curved design provides excellent heat transfer by completely exposing the heating surface to the air stream. Rounded surfaces minimize air resistance and even heating is allowed across all surfaces, reducing stress on the heat exchanger.

The many other advanced features include an in-shot burner assembly that’s simple to clean and easily within reach plus safety valves and switches and efficient direct-spark ignition. A self-diagnostic board with LED readout simplifies troubleshooting.

Each unit is shipped completely assembled with factory-wired controls and tested with complete cycles of start-up and shutdown as well as acceptable gas and electrical operation verification for quick and easy unit start-up on the jobsite. The low cabinet profile of the LF24 and TU models allows installation even in tight spaces and helps where appearance is a concern. The simple-to-install units feature either mounting brackets or spotnuts and centrally located connections for gas line voltage and thermostats.

Several heating capacities are available making it easy to keep both small and larger spaces comfortable. These reliable heaters and furnaces are available with your choice of natural gas or propane and several wall venting options—including horizontal and vertical—allow the units to be placed in a number of locations.

Product Features

  • Low-profile Cabinet design with Hanging Brackets – Allows more overhead space for increased installation flexibility.
  • Aluminized or stainless steel Tubular Heat Exchanger – Provides excellent heat transfer and enhanced durability.
  • Direct-spark ignition – Improves unit operation and efficiency. No standing pilot flame.
  • Self-diagnostic Board with LEd display – Improves troubleshooting efficiency and accuracy.
  • Single-piece Burner Assembly – Easily removable for fast maintenance and service.
  • Sidewall venting – Eliminates roof penetrations.
  • Low-profile cabinet design with a choice of configurations
  • Separated combustion heater available* for hard-to-heat applications where excessive dust dirt humidity or negative pressure is a concern
  • Shipped completely assembled with controls factory-installed and wired
  • Getting in and out of the car is more comfortable when you have a garage heater. Plus you
    can avoid the carbon monoxide buildup that comes from letting your car idle to warm up.
  • For pets kept in the garage on cold days a garage heater provides a safer
    and more reliable alternative to a portable space heater.
  • A warm garage puts an end to cold starts which can wreak havoc on engine compo-
    nents. A garage heater helps improve vehicle reliability by preventing cold/ hard starts at low temperatures.
  • A garage heater helps keep winter from getting in
    the way of home projects. It also allows you to store items that would otherwise freeze like bottled sodas and potted plants.
  •  Ideal for a wide range of residential and commercial applications
  • Up to 80% thermal efficiency
  • Sidewall venting eliminates roof penetrations

Additional Information

Brand Allied Commercial
Application No
Energy Star Rated No
Heating Range No
Warranty 10-year limited warranty on heat exchanger. 5-year limited warranty on remaining covered components.