Slotted Supply Air Wall Straight Outlet For Plenum Duct - Plastic White

Slotted Supply Air Wall Straight Outlet For Plenum Duct - Plastic White

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Model #: UPC-101
Brand : Unico

Availability: In stock

  • Unico Small Duct System

  • Plenum Duct

  • 1 Piece

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Unico Slotted Supply Air Plastic White Outlet For Plenum Duct UPC-101


The Unico System UPC-101 slotted takeoffs are specially designed to deliver air directly from the main plenum into a room. It is very useful if there is no space to run supply tubing and the plenum is covered by a soffit, or when exposed ductwork is utilized. It comes standard with a white rectangular plastic trim plate with a slotted opening for the nozzle portion of the outlet. The trim plate is the only part that is seen in the occupied space, and can be painted to match any decor.


The Unico System slotted takeoff is made of galvanized sheet metal and is designed to fit the trim plate. The takeoff is designed for either a round or square 1-inch (25-mm) fiberglass main plenum, or metal ductwork.


Unlike the standard Unico outlets, the plenum slotted outlet does not use any 2-inch (50 mm) ducting which means the plenum slotted outlet does not offer any sound attenuation. Also, the pressure drop through the opening is considerably less than a typical branch duct. To compensate for the lack of a sound attenuator, the main plenum must have an acoustical lining. We recommend at least 1 inch (25 mm) of fiberglass duct lining. If fiberglass is not allowed, use acoustical foam board. Sound is also dependant on velocity so we recommend at least 7 outlets per ton. Using more will further reduce the sound. For wall installations the UPC-101 should be located high on the wall and a minimum of 5-inch (13-cm) below the ceiling. For ceiling installations locate it a minimum of 4-inches (10-cm) away from the adjacent wall.

Additional Information

Brand Unico
Application No
liquid_line_connection_size No
Suction Line Connection Size No
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Heating Capacity No
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