Slotted Supply Air Wall Outlet 90° Angle - Aluminum White

Slotted Supply Air Wall Outlet 90° Angle - Aluminum White

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Model #: UPC-66
Brand : Unico

Availability: In stock

  • Unico Small Duct System

  • Flexible Air Duct

  • 1 Piece

  • 90 deg Angle

  • Commercial Application

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Unico Slotted Supply Air Aluminum White 90° Outlet UPC-66


In addition to the round outlets, Unico also manufactures rectangular outlets. The rectangular outlets feature a narrow width slot that gives a better appearance in a sidewall installation. There are four (4) different types of slotted outlets. These are the three outlet types which are used in conjunction with the Sound Attenuator supply tubing.

The Unico System patented 90° slotted outlets (UPC-66 and UPC-67A) are specially designed to quietly turn the air inside a typical wood frame stud wall cavity. The 90º outlets are particularly useful where there is insufficient room to provide the minimum sound attenuator bend radius. Other applications for the 90º outlet include placement near the perimeter of a low-pitched roof, and in applications with only a small cavity between a dropped ceiling and the roof.

The UPC-66 is made of cast aluminum and is designed for commercial applications that prohibit the use of plastic ducting. Most applications will use the UPC-67A which is identical to the UPC-66 but made of plastic and intended for residential use. Use of the UPC-66 or UPC- 67A will depend on local code requirements. The Unico System straight slotted outlet (UPC-68) with its patent pending contour shape is designed for use where placement of the standard round outlet is not practical. The straight slotted outlets are particular useful where there is insufficient room for a round outlet at the desired termination point. A typical application for the straight slotted outlet would be placement in a cabinet soffit. The UPC-68 is made of plastic and is intended for residential use. Both the 90° and straight slotted outlets may also be used as ceiling outlets.


Location: For wall installations the slotted outlet should be located high on the wall above head height and a minimum of 5-inches (13-cm) below the ceiling. For ceiling installations locate it a minimum of 4-inches (10- cm) away from the adjacent wall.

Note: The plastic outlets are shipped with a Styrofoam plug, REMOVE the plug before the trim plate is installed.

Mounting: For new construction, mount the outlet between the joists with the tip of the outlet protruding 0.50 inches (12 mm) beyond the joists. For existing construction, you must cut an opening large enough to fit the outlet from either the front or backside of the wall. The minimum size opening for the 90º outlets is 5-inches high × 9.75-inches wide (125 × 240 mm). The minimum size opening for the straight outlet is 3.5-inches high × 9.75- inches wide (89 × 240 mm). You will need to cut a larger opening to use the mounting brackets for both types of outlets.

Insert one of the hanger rails in the slotted channel on the backside of the mounting plate. Expand the hanger rails to reach the studs and nail securely so the mounting plate will be flush with the backside of the dry wall when it is installed. The UPC-66 and UPC-67A have a tendency to swing out at the bottom. Use the second set of hanger rails to act as a stop at the location of the tape ring. Position the hanger rails so the outlet discharge will be square with the dry wall once it is installed.

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