Single Outlet Installation Kit (for Fiberglass Duct)

Single Outlet Installation Kit (for Fiberglass Duct)

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Model #: UPC-80F-1
Brand : Unico

Availability: In stock

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Unico Single Outlet Installation Kit (for Fiberglass Duct) - UPC-80F-1

The Unico System sound attenuator tubing is supplied in 12-ft (3.6-m) lengths for branch runs between 5 and 12 ft (1.3 to 3.6-m). The attenuator tubing is sold in kits and include all the necessary components to complete a duct run from the plenum to the conditioned space. For branch runs over 12 ft, use at least a 3-ft (1- m) sound attenuator (UPC-26C) coupled to the aluminum core supply tubing (UPC-25)

Each UPC-80F-1 (for Fiberglass Duct) Single Outlet Installation Kit Includes:

  • 1 - 12 ft. (3.6 m) Insulated Attenuator tubing (UPC-26C)
  • 1 - Supply Outlet Terminators (UPC-56B)
  • 2 - Toggles and screws (UPC-51)
  • 1 - Winter Shutoff plugs (UPC-42)
  • 2 - Scrim core clamps (UPC-53B)
  • 2 - Aluminum core clamps, black (UPC-52)
  • 1 - Coupling with tape rings (UPC-38)
  • 1 - Takeoff balancing cap, either 15, 35, or 50 percent reduction
  • 1 - UPC-23B Fiberglass Takeoff


First, determine the location of the outlet. The outlet may be placed in the ceiling, floor, or sidewall. The best place is the corner, 5 inches (13 cm) from each wall. If that is not possible or practical, anywhere out of the traffic pattern is acceptable.

For floor outlets be sure to install an outlet screen (UPC-88) to prevent objects from falling into the duct.

For sidewall outlets, position the outlet well above head height.

In most cases, except for very high ceilings, they can be 4 to 5-inches (10 to 13-cm) below the ceiling. For good air circulation they should be no higher than about 12-feet (4-m) above the floor level.

After the location is determined a hole must be cut (if necessary) and the duct routed from the plenum to the outlet location.

The attenuator tubing may be cut to any length but not less than 3 ft (1 m).

When installing the supply tubing follow these rules:

1. Use as few bends as possible.
2. If bends are necessary, provide a generous bend radius. The minimum radius is 6 inches (15 cm).
3. Support the supply tubing every 4 ft (1.2 m).
4. Be careful not to tear or puncture the supply tubing outer jacket.

Additional Information

Brand Unico
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Suction Line Connection Size No
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