SEZ KD09NA4 Concealed Ceiling Slim Duct Indoor Unit Air Handler 8,100 BTU (3/4 Ton)

SEZ KD09NA4 Concealed Ceiling Slim Duct Indoor Unit Air Handler 8,100 BTU (3/4 Ton)

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Model #: SEZ-KD09NA4
Brand : Mitsubishi

Availability: In Stock

Mitsubishi SEZ-KD09NA4 Highlights:

  • 8,100 BTU

  • Indoor Unit Only: Requires Paired Outdoor Condenser

  • SEZ Concealed Ceiling Slim Duct Indoor Unit

  • Works with MXZ Heat Pump Systems

  • Automatic fan speed control

  • MHK1 Controller Sold Separately Here

  • Auto Restart Following A Power Outage

  • Limited Warranty: One Year Parts & Defects

  • Washable Honey Comb Fabric Air Filter Included

  • Optional Filter Box Sold Here

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Mitsubishi SEZ KD09NA4 3/4 Ton Concealed Ceiling Slim Duct Heating / Air Conditioning System 8,100 BTU Indoor Unit

Sleek Styling, Small footprint, Big Difference:

If you’re looking for discreet zoned comfort, then a short run ducted unit might be the solution for you. Whether you require a stand alone system or are in the market for a connected MXZ multi room system, the SEZ ducted units combine energy efficiency with quiet operation. Extremely quiet, in fact with operation volume as low as 23 dBA, these systems are no louder than a whisper.

Additionally, their compact design allows for installation either hidden in the ceiling or beneath the floor. Three of the 1:1 systems are ENERGY STAR certified and two systems qualify for the federal tax credit. These units provide you with an environmentally friendly option that also provides a clean, installed look. These models offer the added flexibility of working in tandem with ductless models on the same MXZ multi-zone system, providing multiple installation options to best fit any application.

The temperature of any space with an indoor air handler can be controlled to provide the perfect temperature. Along with this unique benefit, this also allows you to control whether or not a particular room is being conditioned based on if it is being occupied or not.

Whichever mini split system you decide, you’ll be choosing an intelligent and eco friendly system that can deliver precise and controlled comfort.

Benefits of a Mitsubishi SEZ-KD09NA4:

The mini split is an extremely quiet system in and out. As stated above, the operating volume is little more than a whisper and the outside component to the system is much quieter than conventional models The slim and unobtrusive nature of both the indoor and the outdoor components means you save space in every aspect using this system. Its small size matched with its quiet performance means you hardly know it’s there.

The lack of necessity for large ductwork as would be required by a conventional system saves on interior space for your home. This also makes installation easier than a traditional system and small line sets make any exposed lines minimal and attractive. Traditional ductwork can collect dust, dust mites and pollutants. Due to the nature of the mini split system, no ductwork is required meaning no place for unwanted pollutants to collect in your home.

These systems are extremely efficient as well, much more so than a conventional system which translates into energy savings for you and your family. The zone ability of the mini split means you can bring in climate control into separate areas of your home with the use of multiple air handlers.

Optional Filter Box for Mitsubishi SEZ-KD09NA4 :

The FBL1 filter box for this model includes 1” thick pleated MERV 8 filters that are tested in accordance with ANSI/ASHRAE standard 52.2 and rated Class 2 under U.L standard 900 The filter cabinet is a screw through design to ensure a secure attachment to the indoor unit and the return connection in the rear can be converted to a bottom return. Constructed of non-insulated 20 gauge G-60 galvanized steel, the filter cabinet has a foam gasket that provides an airtight connection to the indoor unit and access door

Warm Air Without the Drafts

Mitsubishi's hot start heat pump technology provides warmth right from the beginning. The fan increases in speed as the coil is warmed, reducing drafts. This means when you want warm air, you’ll get it.

The Mitsubishi SEZ-KD09NA4  is Easy to Maintain

Providing an additional level of comfort, Mitsubishi systems require minimal maintenance. There is little to no ductwork to clean and filters are readily accessible. Uncomplicated wiring connection points between the indoor and outdoor units make maintenance a breeze.

Mitsubishi SEZ-KD09NA4 Highlights:

      • Ceiling concealed ducted indoor unit for residential applications
      • Ultra thin body 7 7/8" high
      • Built in drain mechanism for condensate removal
      • Air filter is included with the indoor unit
      • Whisper-tone voice 35 decibels
      • Our Indoor Units 19 - 34 decibels (at low speed)
      • Automatic fan speed control
      • Auto restart following a power outage
      • Limited Warranty: One year on parts and defects

Mitsubishi SEZ-KD09NA4 Specifications:

      • Capacity BTU/h : Cooling 8100  Heating 10,900
      • Power Source: 208/230V (60Hz)
      • Finish: Galvanized
      • External Dimensions (IN): 7 ⅞ x 31  ⅛ x 27  9/16
      • Net Weight: 18kg
      • Sound Level Low/Medium/High dB <A> : 23 26 30
      • Air Filter: PP Honeycomb fabric (washable)
      • MHK1 Controller sold separately here
      • Optional Filter Box sold here

Here are some terrific applications where a Mini Split system would be ideal:

Residential Applications for Mitsubishi SEZ-KD09NA4:

      • Sun rooms
      • Wine cellars
      • Guest quarters
      • Garage workshops
      • Homes without duct work
      • Bedrooms and family rooms
      • Room additions and renovations

Commercial Applications for Mitsubishi SEZ-KD09NA4:

      • Storage facilities
      • Hotels and other lodging
      • Computer rooms/server rooms
      • Offices in warehouse spaces
      • Restaurant kitchen and prep areas
      • Buildings where security concerns prevent the use of window units
      • Internal areas without exterior wall access applications
      • Commercial add on jobs where the existing air conditioning system cannot be stretched.
      • Historical renovations or any application where preserving the look of the original structure is crucial.

Additional Information

Brand Mitsubishi
Mounting Type Concealed-Slim Duct
Voltage 208/230
amperage(amp0 No
Cooling Range 3,800-10,900
Heating Range 4,800-14,100
liquid_line_connection_size 1/4
Suction Line Connection Size 3/8
Warranty 5 yrs parts/7 yrs compressor administered by