Series 8HE Cast Iron Gas Fired Commercial Hot Water Boiler 80.5% AFUE - 505,000 BTU

Series 8HE Cast Iron Gas Fired Commercial Hot Water Boiler 80.5% AFUE - 505,000 BTU

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Model #: 810HE
Brand : Burnham

Availability: In stock

Burnham Series 8HE Highlights:

  • Cast Iron Sectional Design

  • Atmospheric Vent

  • Module/Multiple Blower Configurations Available

  • 80.5% AFUE

  • 505,000 BTU

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Burnham Series 8HE Cast Iron Gas Fired Commercial Hot Water Boiler 505,000 BTU 80.5% AFUE - 810HE

High Performance & Long Term Reliability

Burnham Commercial’s commitment to quality and dependability continues with the Series 8HE. The features and efficiency of the 8HE boiler make it ideal for single and multiple boiler applications. Offering space heating, or a combination of heating and domestic hot water, the Series 8HE has a compact design which easily adapts to existing piping arrangements, boiler room requirements, and system heating needs. American-Made Cast Iron Construction Burnham Commercial’s unique cast iron formula has an extremely high silicon content, making it stronger and more flexible. It offers better thermal shock resistance and greater heat transfer capabilities than other cast iron products.

Burnham Series 8HE Manufactured With Quality

Casting Solutions operates a state-ofthe-art foundry, in Zanesville, Ohio, ensuring quality and availability of boiler sections.

Cast Iron Nipple Difference

The gaskets that other manufacturers use to connect boiler sections can break down if they come in contact with oils, boiler flue gases, corrosion inhibitors, pump lubricants, and antifreeze. Burnham Commercial is committed to safety, reliability and durability. That’s why the Series 8HE uses cast iron nipples instead of gaskets. The Series 8HE’s cast iron nipples remain unaffected by those elements, ensuring long life and eliminating costly repairs. Cast iron nipples expand and contract with the sections they connect, ensuring the overall integrity of the section assembly.

Burnham Series 8HE Heat Exchanger Design

The cast iron heat exchanger on the Series 8HE features a pinned heating surface. These multi-faceted pins allow the heat generated from the combustion process to be transferred to the cast iron from a number of angles, which contributes to the boiler’s overall efficiency. A vertical flue design extracts heat while maintaining low draft losses.

Burnham Series 8HE Deluxe Insulated Jacket

The jacket on the Series 8HE is lined with three inches of insulation. This serves to reduce jacket and standby heat losses, further conserving energy. The jacket
itself is powder coated, insuring a scratch
resistant, long lasting finish.


Additional Information

Brand Burnham
Heating Type Hot Water
Mounting Type Floor Standing
Energy Star Rated No
Warranty 10 Year Limited Warranty