RPSD12 H Frame Kit For Condenser / Outdoor Unit 305mm / 12" - 200lb

RPSD12 H Frame Kit For Condenser / Outdoor Unit 305mm / 12" - 200lb

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Model #: RPSD12
Brand : Big Foot Systems

Availability: In stock

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RPSD12 H Frame Kit For Condenser / Outdoor Unit 305mm / 12" - 200lb


Airtec mounting equipment is designed for strength, versatility, vibration absorption and longevity.

  • Strength. Only high grade steel for our brackets, only high impact and rugged anti-vibration polymers for our risers, and only reinforced heavy duty nylon for our H-Frames.
  • Versatility. Sliding frame and adjustable mounts, make it possible to correctly mount all brands of condensers with one bracket.
  • Vibration absorption. Nylon and polymer risers, rubber mounts and footings absorb and reduce vibration.
  • Longevity. Stainless steel, galvanized steel, high quality powdercoat, UV resistant polymer /nylon and cadmium plated hardware ensure all weather protection.


Strut fits securely into pockets of feet. Any frame shape can then be built up for sturdy support.AV mats provide insulation from vibration, creeping and noise. Made of PVC with rubber AV mat. Sold in pairs.

Big Foot

Big Foot Systems sets the industry standard for mounting on all flat roof constuction techniques. Mounting is strong, secure, flexible, vibration absorbing and leak proof while keeping installation quick, practical and aesthetically pleasing.


  • Material - Rubber / PVC
  • Coating - N/A
  • Capacity - 200lb. (per pair)

Carton Contents:

  • 305mm Foot (2)
  • UV Mat (2)
  • Strut Insert (2)
  • L Brackets (2)
  • M10 Bolts (4)
  • Channel Nuts (4)


Additional Information

Brand Big Foot Systems
Application No
liquid_line_connection_size No
Suction Line Connection Size No
amperage(amp0 No
Heating Capacity No
Cooling Capacity No
Warranty No