Parts & Tools

Accessories and tools that are either required for or supplemental to heating and cooling systems. HVAC accessories are for central and mini split, packaged and high velocity systems. Other accessories are specific to boilers, water heaters and radiant heating, including thermostats and line sets.

  • Accessories used in forced air and ductless mini split applications. Items necessary for installation include but are not limited to whips, drain hose and wall sleeves. Recommended items include condenser pads, filter boxes, condensate pumps. LP kits are available to convert natural gas units to propane.
    Central Split Packaged Systems
  • Components to install and compliment conventional, tankless and indirect-fired water heaters. Water heater accessories include but are not limited to venting accessories, mixing valves, in-line filters and sensors.
  • Components to install and compliment radiant heating units such as radiators, in floor heating and towel warmers. Radiator accessories include shut-off and thermostatic valves, baseboard enclosures, assembly kits and pipe covers. Floor heating accessories include sweat valves and adapters, clamps and tubing.
  • Primarily used for installation, HVAC and plumbing tools are designed with a specific purpose. Tools include cutting equipment such as copper tubing cutters and sheet metal shears, flaring tools, wrenches, pliers, press tools, flaring tools, plumbing tool kits and more.
    Plumbing HVAC
  • Generally electronic components of heating and cooling equipment that control or regulate how these systems work. Controls include such devices as control boards, tekmar controls, hard starts and transformers.
  • Chemicals and cleaners designed to clean coils, flush refrigerant and care for heating and air conditioning equipment.