Cooper Electronic Ignition, Gas Fired, Hot Water Boiler 82% AFUE - 100,000 BTU

Cooper Electronic Ignition, Gas Fired, Hot Water Boiler 82% AFUE - 100,000 BTU

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Model #: JVS100
Brand : Laars

Availability: In stock

Product highlights:

  • Hot Water System

  • Natural Gas or Propane

  • 82% AFUE

  • 100,000 BTU

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Cooper Electronic Ignition, Gas Fired, Hot Water Boiler 82% AFUE - 100,000 BTU - JVS0100

THE Compact Mini-Therm™ For Superb Home Heating Comfort

LAARS MINI-THERM gas-fired residential hydronic boiler is an ideal heating appliance that can reduce homeowners heating costs and has plenty of capacity to keep even the largest home comfortable on the coldest days. The compact boiler has a low-mass heat exchanger and a super-quick heating response to meet your residential application requirements. The Mini-Therm comes in two varieties, JVS-spark ignition and the JVH-hot surface ignition with induced draft. Each is designed to meet specific installation needs while being energy efficient and light on your budget. Natural or propane gas models are available

Unique Heat Exchanger Design

Laars engineers developed a copper tube heat exchanger with small cast iron “wet-walls” to combine the benefits of both material properties while removing their potential drawbacks. Features include a low-mass heat exchanger and quick heating response to meet residential application requirements, ideal for new homes or replacement boilers. Heat exchanger reliability has been field proven over many years, be assured that the Mini-Therm will provide heating comfort and dependability.

Combined Benefits Of Copper And Cast Iron

  • Heat is transferred up to 7 times faster via copper than cast iron.
  • Less copper is needed to heat the same amount of water as compared to full cast iron boilers, resulting in a smaller and lighter boiler.
  • The small cast iron wet walls act as mini heat sinks to hold just enough heat to
  • help minimize boiler short cycling. This helps increase efficiency and boiler life.


Extremely popular with homeowners, the JVS model offers an attractive and easy-to service jacket. Well-known for their economy, a built-in draft diverter and automatic vent damper are included to stop your valuable fuel payments from disappearing up the chimney in wasted heat. Additionally, the 85% JVS-spark ignition offers energy saving “Low/High" firing on the larger sizes. The advantage is that 2-Stage firing allows the unit to match a home's heating load requirement and reduces short-cycling in homes that have small heating zones that don’t require the full boiler capacity…another way the Mini-Therm saves energy and money.

Laars MINI-THERM Advanced Controls

The Mini-Therm boiler operates at peak efficiently based on our latest controls upgrade that includes advanced programming to reduce gas consumption and minimize utility bills. This new control also makes the Mini-Therm an easier to install boiler, with a new auto set-point feature that automatically determines the boiler target temperature.

Outdoor Reset with Auto Differential Control

Outdoor reset continuously adjusts the boiler heat output to match outdoor conditions. The boiler control does this by reading the outdoor temperature and calculating if there will be a heavy demand or light demand on the boiler based on past history. The controls can compensate for a fast response (cold days) or slower response (warmer days) to reduce fuel use. It also makes it very easy to install since target temperature set points do not need to be setup, the boiler automatically knows what to do!

Space Heating with Domestic Water Priority

When an indirect water heater is installed with the Mini-Therm and there is a call for both space heating and domestic water heating the controls will make sure that the domestic water is heated first and then returns to heating the home. This ensures there will always be plenty of hot water at every point in a home. Mini-Therm boilers offer exceptional value with “high performance hydronics” that give customers the highest performance at the lowest cost. By far, Mini-Therm is the right solution for any size residential home heating system.

The ingenious Laars-Stor™ water heaters are engineered to provide the highest hot water output at the lowest pressure drop of most any indirect fired water heater in the industry. Hot water from the Mini-Therm enters the coiled heat exchanger that sits inside the Laars-Stor tank. The heat from the boiler water is efficiently passed through the heat exchanger coil to the domestic water in the tank. The tank and boiler can be located very close to each other resulting in minimal space used. The Laars-Stor is packed with features to ensure many years of safe, hot water when you need it!

Additional Information

Brand Laars
Heating Type Hot Water
Mounting Type Floor Standing
Energy Star Rated No
Warranty 10 year heat exchanger/ 5years parts (residential) 1 year parts (Non residential) administered by