GS6 Select Side Loop (SL) Residential Gas Water Heaters

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Model #: GS6SL
Brand : State

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Product Highlights:

  • RECOVERY 90°F RISE 41 - 81 GPH

  • 40 - 74 Gal.

  • Energy Factor: 0.57 - 0.60

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GS6 Select Side Loop (SL) Residential Gas Water Heaters

State Select Gas

The new way to bring hot water to your home…the State On-Demand! The “on-demand” tankless gas water heater designed for point-of-use and low-to-medium demand applications. The space saving, energy efficient system designed to give you instant auxiliary heat for add-on bathrooms, whirlpool tubs, and even small vacation homes backed by the solid reputation of State. Just another way to show there’s a State for every home!

Select Standard Vent

Select Side Loop (SL) residential gas water heaters are designed with side-mounted recirculating taps for installations with combination space heating/water heating applications (like air handlers) or any system requiring a recirculating hot water loop. Select SL heaters are available in:


  • Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistance (FVIR) Compliant Design
  • Long-lasting PEXAN™ Dip tubes
  • Silencer™ Heat Trap Nipples
  • Durable, Tamper-Resistant Brass Drain Valve
  • Dual Magnesium Anode Rods
  • CSA Certified and ASME Rated T&P Relief Valve
  • Green Choice™ Eco-Friendly Gas Burner
  • 6-Year Limited Tank and Parts Warranty

Side-Mounted Taps Designed for Potable Recirculating Systems

  • Suitable for potable water heating and space heating

Piezo Ignitor

  • For easy pilot ignition on FVIR Compliant Designs

Dual Magnesium Anode Rods

  • For extra protection against corrosion (Models with 3/4” inlet and outlet)

Green Choice® “EcoFriendly” Gas Burner

  • Patentened design reduces NOx emissions by up to 33%

Long Lasting PEXAN™ Dip Tubes

  • Cold water inlet tubes (dip tubes) are made from Everlast PEXAN™ a cross-linked PEX polymer that can withstand long-term exposure to water temperatures up to 400°F

FVIR Compliant Design

Brass Drain Valve

CSA International Certified ECO (Energy Cutoff)

Maximum Hydrostatic Working Pressure 150 psi

6-Year Limited Tank and Parts Warranty

Select Direct Vent Residental Gas

  • One-pipe, dual-channel draws all make-up air from outside the home, eliminating problems caused by insufficient indoor ventilation. All units are FVIR compliant.
  • Horizontal air intake and venting on all models up to 80 inches from the outside wall with no electrical power needed

Intelligent Control Logic

  • The internal microprocessor provides enhanced operating parameters and tighter differentials for precise sensing and faster heating response to optimize performance

Self-Powered Electronic Gas Valve

  • Uses a thermopile to generate the power needed to operate the electronic gas control without requiring an external power source


  • The electronic gas control incorporates an LED status indicator that monitors system operation and service diagnostics

Diffuser Dip Tube

  • Helps reduce lime and sediment buildup, maximizes hot water output. Made of State PEXAN™, a cross-link PEX polymer

Green Choice Gas Burner

  • Patented “Eco-Friendly” design reduces NOx emissions up to 33% and complies with requirements for low NOx emissions of less than 40 ng/J

Glass Lined Tank

  • Provides superior corrosion resistance compared to the industry-standard glass lining

Push Button Piezo Ignitor

  • Makes lighting the pilot fast and easy with one hand push button spark ignition

CoreGar Anode Rod

  • Our anode rods have a stainless steel core that extends the life of the anode rod allowing superior tank protection far longer than standard anode rods.

Durable Tamper-Resistant Brass Drain Valve

Factory-Installed Temperature & Pressure (T&P) Relief Valve

Thick, CFC-Free Foam Insulation

6-Year Limited Tank and Parts Warranty


State Nomenclature Guide

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Brand State
Warranty 6 years parts/tank administered by