GP6-50-YTPDT 96% Efficiency Power-Vent Premier DV Water Heater - 50 Gal.

GP6-50-YTPDT 96% Efficiency Power-Vent Premier DV Water Heater - 50 Gal.

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Model #: GP6-50-YTPDT
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  • 50 Gal.

  • Energy Factor: 0.70

  • 96% Thermal Efficiency

  • Provides nonstop hot water for high-demand homes when properly sized for your home

  • 100,000 BTU Input

  • 164-Gallon First Hour Delivery

  • 129 GPH Recovery

  • 22" Diameter Footprint — Easy To Install

  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified

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GP6-50-YTPDT Premier Power-Vent DV Water Heater - 50 Gal.


The ideal choice for high-demand homes

With the Premier® Power Vent DV, you have a water heater with 96% thermal efficiency for high-demand residential applications. Homeowners can say goodbye to cold showers because this advanced alternative to larger water heaters or tankless units can go “nonstop.” Continuous* flow ensures a supply that’s always ready for one more hot shower

Designed for today’s lifestyles,

the Premier® Power Vent DV is wellsuited for larger homes with multiple bathrooms and whirlpool tubs and for families with teenagers, who typically take longer and more frequent showers.

Unlike standard 50-gallon units,

this water heater has a substantially higher first-hour delivery and recovery, providing homeowners with a nonstop flow of hot water.* And with 96% thermal efficiency, it heats more water for significantly less, which equates to welcome energy savings.


Compared to on-demand water heaters,

the Premier® Power Vent DV manages changes in demand more effectively and delivers a nonstop* supply of hot water. And unlike tankless units, there won’t be any surprises during installation because size and placement of gas and water lines are identical to a conventional tank-type gas water heater.

Durability and performance for a constant* supply of hot water!

  1. Premium-Grade Glass Lining provides superior protection against leaks.
  2. Dual Anode Rods provide the highest quality defense against leaks.
  3. Low-NOx Burner for “eco-friendly” operation complies with Southern California and Texas Low-NOx standards.
  4. Hot and Cold Recirculating Connections conveniently located on side of unit for combination hot water/space heating or hot water/ radiant floor heating applications.
  5. PEXAN™ Dip Tube for Long Life made from a rugged cross-linked polymer for superior resistance to thermal oxidation, with “diffuser” design to help reduce sediment buildup.
  6. Fully Submerged Coil Heat Exchanger with helical configuration maximizes heat transfer area for 96% thermal efficiency and superior hot water output.
  7. On/Off Control helps simplify service and allows total shutdown during vacation by cutting all power to the water heater with the flick of a switch.

Power Vent Flexibility uses 2˝ or 3˝ PVC pipe and provides outstanding flexibility in location of water heater through use of long combined horizontal and vertical vent runs. Easy Removal of Flue Gas Condensate created by 96% efficiency, using condensate elbow and outlet supplied with water heater

Premium Electronic Control Control

Provides precise temperature control due to its state-of-the-art design. Mounted at eye level, the easy-to-read LCD panel gives both current operating modes as well as performance history maintenance and quick trouble shooting

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