GP6-40-YPCT Premier High Efficiency Water Heater - 40 Gal.

GP6-40-YPCT Premier High Efficiency Water Heater - 40 Gal.

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Model #: GP6-40-YPCT
Brand : State

Availability: In stock

Product Highlights:


  • 40 Gal.

  • Energy Factor: 0.70

  • Features Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistance (FVIR) which is designed to protect against accidential ignition of flammable vapors like those from gasoline

  • Green Choice™ gas burner produces 33% lower NOx emissions than standard burners

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GP6-40-YPCT Premier High Efficiency Water Heater - 40 Gal.


Introducing a High-Efficiency Alternative That’s Easy to Install

State Premier® High Efficiency Gas Water Heaters provide the ideal blend of high efficiency and easy installation. The new design delivers 0.70 EF and is ENERGY STAR® qualified. The result is a product that delivers higher efficiency, simplifies installation and includes user-friendly features.

Contractor Advantages

Water Heater

We’ve designed State Premier High Efficiency Gas Water Heaters with the contractor in mind. First, they’re easy to install, with standard venting, non-condensing design, and typical water and gas connections. They easily connect to existing B-vent on replacements and can be common vented. They also feature an electronic ignition–no standing pilot. They have an easy-to-use LCD interface that displays all service diagnostics and temperature control buttons in plain text.

Other features:

An advanced powered anode rod provides exceptional tank protection and reliability in all water conditions. Control features consist of electronic ignition, thermistor sensing and microprocessor intelligence, resulting in tighter differentials, improved temperature control and more consistent hot water delivery

How They Work

Their unique and patented air intake system pressurizes the combustion chamber creating a “turbo charge” effect. The tighter baffling allows better heat transfer, resulting in the most efficient atmospheric gas product on the market.

A. Easy-to-Read LCD Control Display

B.Tighter Baffling

C. Patented Air Intake

Homeowners Advantages

State Premier High Efficiency Gas Water Heaters have been designed with the homeowner in mind. They are an easy replacement for a standard water heater, which means no additional installation costs are incurred. And since they are ENERGY STAR® qualified and highly efficient, they exceed energy-efficient requirements for most utility rebate programs and incentives. Check with your utility company’s efficiency program administrator for details.

Save money on operating costsRemote

Because of their superior efficiency rating, State Premier High Efficiency Gas Water Heaters can save up to 25% on your annual cost of operation, compared to your current water heater.* These efficiency improvements can translate to more than $1,000 in savings over the life of the unit on utility costs for the homeowner. Larger families that use even more hot water than average can save even more money.

Other features

These are the most advanced atmospheric models available on the market. They feature new state-of-the-art technology for greater efficiency and performance. They are also easy to operate, with an easy-to-read, eye-level display and simple push-button controls for setting or adjusting the temperature.

Dependable Durability From State

State is the brand you can depend on to meet the need for high-efficiency water heaters and for rugged reliability. With many of the features of luxury water heaters, State Premier High Efficiency Gas Water Heaters are the perfect answer for today’s homeowner who’s both energy-conscious and cost-conscious.

Pressurized Combustion System 

Exclusive and patented pressurized combustion chamber with an advanced air intake blower delivers superior efficiency. Much like a turbocharger, the blower distributes an optimum air-to-gas mixture pushing exhaust gases through the highly restricted flue baffle. The end result is the most efficient atmospheric gas product on the market with a .70 Energy Factor (EF). Fan-assisted, Category 1 appliance

Installation Friendly

  • Allows for easy replacement of standard atmospheric vent heaters.
  • Easily connects to existing B-vent.

24V Electronic Controls

Tighter differential for more consistent hot water delivery.

Electronic Ignition

The durable hot surface ignitor eliminates pilot relight issues (no standing pilot).

LCD User Interface

Easy-to-read eye level display. Simple temperature settings and adjustments. Service diagnostics are in plain text.

Powered Anode Rod


Powered anodes are non-sacrificial, so they do not deplete over time. Additionally, they provide exceptional performance in all water conditions. Meets Energy-Efficiency Requirements for Most Gas Utility Rebate Programs Durable Tamper-Resistant Brass Drain Valve

Diffuser Dip Tube

  • Helps reduce lime and sediment buildup, maximizes hot water output.
  • Made from long-lasting PEX cross-linked polymer.

Green Choice® Gas Burner

Patented “Eco-Friendly” Green Choice® gas burner reduces NOx emissions by 33% compared to standard burners and meets low NOx requirements of less than 40ng/j. CSA Certified and ASME Rated T&P Relief Valve Code Compliance: UBC, CEC, SBCC, CABO, HUD, BOCA National Codes, Current Edition ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1 and 2004 NAECA Standards

Design-Certified by CSA International

According to ANSI Z21.10.1 - 4.1 CSA Standards governing storage-type water heaters.

6-Year Limited Tank and Parts Warranty

For complete information, consult written warranty or contact State Customer Care Center.

Meets ENERGY STAR® Requirements

Additional Information

Brand State
Warranty 6 years parts/tank administered by