GA124 Series Sealed Combustion Hot Water Gas Boilers 85% AFUE

GA124 Series Sealed Combustion Hot Water Gas Boilers 85% AFUE

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Model #: GA124
Brand : Buderus

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Buderus GA124 Series Features:

  • Intermittent Ignition

  • Cast Iron Heat Exchanger

  • Natural or Propane Gas

  • 85% AFUE

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Buderus GA124 Series Sealed Combustion Hot Water Gas Boiler 85% AFUE -

Intelligent Heating – By Design
Buderus, the world leader in hydronic heating technology, manufactures the highest quality boilers based on centuries of experience. With its innovative design and quality manufacturing, a Buderus boiler will outlast and out-perform virtually any other residential hot water system in the world. The Buderus GA124 Series are designed in Europe, where fuel costs are significantly higher and environmental regulations are more stringent. Established in 1731, Buderus uses state-of-the-art techniques in the design and manufacturing of its boilers.

The Buderus GA124 Series are manufactured with the patented Buderus GL-180M flexible cast iron, the sections are tightly joined together and sealed by profiled, beveled steel push nipples, ensuring a long life. Special compounds provide a gas-tight seal for safe and efficient operation. And, thanks to the GL-180M cast iron’s flexibility, this boiler resists thermal shock under conditions of rapid temperature change.

GL-180M Gray Cast Iron

Buderus GL-180M silicone injected, gray cast iron has excellent corrosion resistance, exceptional casting characteristics, and 40% greater flexibility and elasticity as well as high thermal conductivity. Buderus developed the special substances that are impregnated during the casting process to improve the mechanical properties of cast iron. The graphite precipitates into smaller, modified flakes which produce GL-180M cast iron with 40% greater elasticity and a high silicone barrier for corrosion protection. Gray cast iron obtains its superior material characteristics primarily from a high carbon (graphite) and silicone content. Additional elements further enhance the properties of the GL-180M. The graphite appears in two different forms in the microstructure: nodular form producing excellent tensile strength and great elasticity and graphite flakes producing excellent corrosion resistance against acidic combustion products.


The Buderus GA124 Series Models allow for two venting configurations to best suit your demands. Choose from horizontal with concentric single wall penetration or vertical
with a special “through the roof” system. The GA124 has been approved for use with Heat Fab, Z-Flex, Flex-L and Pro-Tech 3" AL 29-4C Steel materials (4" for GA244/62 Models).

Buderus GA124 Series are produced by the world’s leader in cast iron boiler design and production. They feature flexible GL-180M cast iron designed to resist thermal shock for long life, a high silicone cast iron surface provides excellent corrosion resistance and a deluxe, heavy gauge blue enamel jacket is the trademark of Buderus quality. Quality and advanced engineering are also proven in the operation of the boilers. Staggered, contoured fins provide optimum heat transfer and efficiency, while an integrated draft inducer gives the added benefit of whisper quiet operation. All of this is packaged in an attractive design with front accessible controls, and all piping connections are in the rear for a clean, finished appearance any homeowner will appreciate.


Buderus GA124 Series Boilers are available in natural gas or propane, and feature AFUE ratings up to 85.2% for high efficiency and top performance. Stainless
steel premixed factory tested burners allow for low emissions, and a full 3 inches of thermal insulation virtually eliminate standby loss and stack temperature losses. Buderus boilers are designed for a long life, providing efficiency, and durability for the homeowner that is unsurpassed by the competition.

Upgrade your system for added comfort to your home!
Once you have a Buderus boiler you can add a Buderus indirect fired hot water tank, an optional Buderus Logamatic control or both. The Logamatic control maximizes your comfort and fuel savings, it will also accommodate specialized heating applications such as radiant flooring. Combined, this premium heating system will provide years of exceptional comfort and economy...for little more than the cost of a standard replacement components.

Additional Information

Brand Buderus
Heating Type Hot Water
Mounting Type Floor Standing
Energy Star Rated No
Warranty No