Mini Split Installation Products

Whether you need line set covers or electrical products, has what you need to make the install a successful one.

  • Our line sets contain two semi-flexible copper pipes to connect the outdoor air conditioner or heat pump to the indoor evaporator coil for your mini split system. The smaller pipe is called the liquid line. The larger pipe is referred to as the suction line, and includes insulation.
  • Our installation kits are a perfect solution to ensure you have everything you need for your install. Our installation kits include your line set, electrical cable, condensate drain hose coil, ac wire whip, a telescoping wall sleeve and a disconnect safety switch. Choose the length and size you need when you click below and you're well on your way to an installation free of hold ups waiting for parts!
  • Our Fortress Line Set Covers are a terrific way to hide any exposed lines running to and from your new ductless system. We offer a variety of lengths, sizes and bends to give your system a custom, clutter free and streamlined look.
  • We have a myriad of products to give you everything you need when setting up and mounting your mini split system. From durable rubber risers for outdoor rooftop mounting units to wall brackets for your indoor and outdoor units.
  • We offer a variety of safety disconnect switches, spools and electrical/AC wire whips from great brands such as DiversiTech and General Cable.