Ductless Mini Split


Whether you’re retrofitting an old home, unable to run large ductwork or are looking for an economical and energy efficient option, a complete ductless system might be for you. These systems offer convenience for those looking to heat/cool an area or section of a home. Select which options are right for you such as a 1 zone through 8 zone system, commercial models, cooling only and heating/cooling bundles.

Mini split technology has been around for a long time, seeing a lot of use in Europe and Japan. The system works when a heat pump uses electricity to pump refrigerant, transferring heat from one place to another. It heats the room when that heat is being transferred from the outdoors to the inside of a house. When heat is being transferred from the inside of a house to the outdoors, it’s being used as a air conditioner.They are generally designed to cool and heat a single room or zone, and there may be multiple indoor handling units hooked up to a single outside condenser.

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  • A mini split condensate pump is a small pump that is used to pump the condensation (water) out of the reservoir of your indoor evaporator's drain pan. Condensate pumps require either 110 volt or 220 volt electricity for operation. Make sure to purchase a pump that will operate with your existing power configuration. Mini split condensate pumps are ideal to use when the evaporator is installed in a basement or area that is below the outdoor drain level. These pumps can help drain water up to 30 feet above the pumps location. We also carry an array of hoses and adapters.

    Condensate Pumps Hoses, Couplers & Adapters
  • From basic to advanced, we carry an array of ductless mini split thermostats from top brands such asDaikinFujitsu andMitsubishi.

  • Looking for a part, piece or accessory for your mini split system? You’re in the right place! We offer parts from popular brands such as FujitsuMitsubishi and DiversiTech.