Registers, Grilles & Diffusers

Mechanical ventilation designed to bring fresh air into residential and commercial properties to improve indoor air quality and decrease energy consumption from forced air systems. HRVs (heat recovery ventilators) and ERVs (energy recovery ventilators) work similary, but ERVs also manage humidity levels.

  • Our Airtec Ceiling air diffusers are made from professional grade polymers for long lasting durability and a stepped collar tears off to enlarge duct size allowing job site flexibility. Furthermore, their virtually air tight construction insures efficient and quiet air delivery.
  • An AirtecTuffBox is the way to go when installing a register box. Molded from polymers the adaptable one piece boot design of the TuffBox is flexible enough to conform to drywall backing eliminating leakage between grille and box.
  • Our support flanges from Airtec are offered in a variety of sizes allowing you to choose the best fit for your application.
  • Our grills from Airtec are offered in a variety of sizes and styles allowing you to choose the correct size, and give your application that custom look.