DAR0904 Multi-Position, Commercial Air Handler 1.5 HP 3,000 CFM 7.5 Ton

DAR0904 Multi-Position, Commercial Air Handler 1.5 HP 3,000 CFM 7.5 Ton

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Model #: DAR0904
Brand : Daikin

Availability: In stock

Daikin DAR0904 Highlights

  • 7.5 Ton

  • 1.5 HP

  • 3,000 CFM

  • Multi-Position

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Daikin DAR0904 Multi-Position, Commercial Air Handler 1.5 HP 3,000 CFM 7.5 Ton

Thank Goodness for Daikin

Daikin produces a complete line of residential and light commercial air conditioning and heating equipment at its modern, high-technology factories in Houston, Texas; Dayton, Tennessee; and Fayetteville, Tennessee, Daikin's equipment is sold through a world-wide network of distributors and independent installers who are dedicated to uphold the company's high quality standards.


Enjoy the comfort

You can count on your Daikin brand  Air Conditioner to keep you cool on even the hottest summer days and warm on the coldest days of winter. Your Daikin air conditioner starts with a high-performance, high-efficiency scroll compressor, which operates in tandem with our high-efficiency coil. The coil is made of rifled refrigeration-grade copper tubing and corrugated aluminum fins in a design that maximizes surface area. These high-quality components together cool your home effectively.


Quiet You Can Count On

We know that the last thing you want to hear at night is a noisy air conditioner starting up. So we build our Daikin Air Conditioners with sound-dampening features that help ensure that your cooling system doesn’t interfere with a good night’s sleep. We rely on a quiet condenser fan system – a three-bladed fan, a foam condenser sound blanket and a unique louvered sound-control top – to reduce fanrelated noise. Your Daikin Air Conditioner will keep your home cool and comfortable, year after year.


Air Handlers and Coils

Your air handler is an essential part of your "split" heating and cooling system. It is the indoor portion that delivers the cooled air in the summer and heated air in the winter — quietly and economically. Consult your Daikin brand dealer for which air handler would work best in your home. Installing the correct indoor or evaporator coil is essential for getting the highest performance and comfort from your central air conditioning or heat pump system. Consult your Daikin brand dealer for the best coil to match with your system. And as always, the Daikin brand offers what we believe to be some of the best warranties in the heating and cooling industry.

AR-4 Commercial Multi-Position

Warranty Protection - The refrigerant coil and all functional parts are backed by a 5-Year Parts Limited Warranty.* The DAR Commercial Multi-Position Air Handler features a factory-installed, internally mounted thermal expansion valve. For indoor applications, all models are convertible to 460-3-60 from 208/230-3-60. The heavy-gauge, reinforced galvanized-steel cabinet is insulated with a fiberglass blanket to reduce operating sound levels.

Daikin DAR0904 Standard Features

  • Upflow or horizontal (left side) installation positions in 7½- and 10-ton cooling-only or heat pump applications
  • 10-ton model circuited for use with two 4- or 5-ton cooling-only or heat pump systems, or one 10-ton cooling-only or heat pump system
  • All models convertible to 460-3-60 from 208/230-3-60
  • Transformer and blower relay
  • TXV control; 7½-ton unit has one (1) thermal expansion check valve; 10-ton unit has two (2) thermal expansion check valves
  • Draw-thru centrifugal blower is belt-driven for quiet, efficient operation
  • Copper tube/aluminum fin coils

Daikin DAR0904 Cabinet Features

  • Heavy-gauge, reinforced, galvanized-steel cabinet
  • Fully insulated with fiberglass blanket
  • Horizontal and vertical condensate pans
  • Built-in filter rack (2” filter included)
  • Entry on top of panel for both low and high voltage
  • Removable access panels make servicing of unit faster and easier

Additional Information

Brand Daikin
Mounting Type Multi Position
amperage(amp0 6.5/3.3
Suction Line Connection Size 1-1/8"
Energy Star Rated No
Warranty 5 Years Parts