The Unico High Velocity System

Many owners of older homes lacking traditional central HVAC systems, would like to add central air conditioning and/or heating ducts, but are oftentimes discouraged and dissuaded by the cost, difficulty and substantial size of the undertaking. The Installation of ductwork may require removing large sections of walls or floors. However, high velocity heating and cooling systems minimize the gravity of adding such a system by using small diameter ducts that can be more easily threaded through floor, ceiling, and wall cavities.These high velocity systems operate quietly and improve room air mixing, and energy efficiency over standard air-delivery duct systems.

High velocity heating and cooling systems use a special fan coil and air handling unit that generates high pressure air forced through small diameter ducts. The main supply trunk is either a rectangular or round duct that supplies air to flexible, insulated, 2" diameter plastic feeder ducts. Air passes through sound-suppressing tubing at the end of a duct run before entering the room through a plastic collar fitting.

Our high velocity AC units from Spacepak and Unico can be located nearly anywhere and require no large ducting or grills. These units provide thorough air circulation and are great for spaces that need a system that requires a less invasive installation such as older homes or in cramped places. Additionally, be sure to check out our installation products page to aid you in installation.