Baseray Cast Iron Radiator Assembly Kit - Required To Connect 3 Sections

Baseray Cast Iron Radiator Assembly Kit - Required To Connect 3 Sections

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Model #: BRAK02
Brand : Burnham

Availability: In stock

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Burnham Cast Iron Radiator Assembly Kit - Required To Connect 3 Sections


4x Push Nipple (PUSH-NIPPLE)

In modern high capacity sulfuric acid plants particularly in areas where cooling water conditions are severe, the elimination of most gasketed joints is desirable, to minimize the possibility of leaks which are recognized as the result of bolt corrosion. This corrosion eventually reduces the cross section area of the shank of the bolts holding sections together to a point where there is not enough metal to maintain the gasket seating stress. When this occurs, the affected bolts relax and cause a separation at the gasket which results in an acid leak. The development of gasketless, permanent sealing joint provides a remedy for such conditions. This closure is called push nipple joint, and consists of a mating machined surface in the section port to accommodate a finely machined cast iron cylindrical nipple. The nipples are ground slightly convex on the exterior, and the section surface is slightly tapered. When the joint is made up with the usual bolts drawing the adjacent sections together over the nipple, the nipple distorts sufficiently in compression to exert sufficient force against the section to provide a tight joint that no longer depends on the bolting for its integrity.

Push Nipple

2x Bushing (BU3/4X3/8)

A cylindrical piece of metal, made of cast iron, which is inserted through the walls of the radiator. A hole driven through its axis forms the vent through which the charge is ignited. The vent-bushing prevents the destruction of the metal in the vicinity of the vent from the heat and erosion of the escaping gases. Also called vent-piece.

Tie Bolts

2x Tie Bolt (TIE-BOLT)

Remove the clamp, place the tie bolts in the bolt slots and tighten securely.

2x Plug (PLUG34)

Made of cast iron top quality plugs for radiator installation. Take care when tightening these plugs not to damage the surface.

A Burnham Original

Baseray is the original cast iron radiant baseboard designed by Burnham with performance and dependability in mind. Its low profile, sleek design fits well with any décor, and it can be painted with a high-grade enamel paint to coordinate with your room’s color scheme. Baseray baseboard radiators put the warm, comfortable and quiet heating of a cast iron radiator in a low profile package. Offering up to 5 times the amount of radiant heat provided by similar metal finned baseboard designs, the rugged and reliable cast iron Baseray baseboard also offers the additional benefit of quiet operation. Cast iron is far less susceptible to the sounds associated with the expansion and contraction of other baseboard radiators, providing both a warm and quiet room.

Burnham Products

  • Industry-Leading High Efficiency Products
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  • Comfortable, Even Heat
  • Durable Construction and Quiet Operation
  • Residential or Commercial Applications
  • Assemblies Up To and Including Six Lineal Feet
  • Combines Radiant Heat with Convected Heat


  • Low profile, durable cast iron construction
  • Even heat distribution
  • Durable design
  • Quiet operation
  • Works with all boilers made by U.S. Boiler Company


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Brand Burnham