ASPPERIUNI115 Universal Peristaltic Pump w/o Reservoir 115v

ASPPERIUNI115 Universal Peristaltic Pump w/o Reservoir 115v

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Model #: ASPPERIUNI115
Brand : Aspen Pumps

Availability: In stock

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Aspen ASPPERIUNI115 Universal Peristaltic Pump w/o Reservoir 115v

Peristaltic. Ideal for remote location applications. Up to 24,000 BTU/hr

  • Concealed installation options. Remotely above ceiling.
  • Reservoir options. Mechanical-Inline style Universal-requires no reservoir
  • Modular terminals. Fast connection.

Peristaltic Universal Pump Kits.

Two temperature sensors allow the pump to detect and be triggered by a change in air temperature, making this pump suitable for many applications. No reservoir or filter is required. Overflow switch not included.


Peristaltic Mechanical Pump Kits.

A remote reservoir with an internal float mechanism is available with or without a high level alarm output designed to be mounted onto the compressor in an external condenser unit. No filter is required.



  • Pump Length - 5.5"
  • Pump Width - 3"
  • Pump Height - 4.5"
  • Capacity - 1.65 GPH @ 39ft Head
  • Max BTUs - 24000
  • Max Head in Feet - 39
  • Max Temperature - 104F.
  • Max Suction Lift - 10'
  • Sound Level - 47dB(A)
  • Dry Contact Rating - 3A NO/NC
  • Voltage - 115
  • Amperes - .20
  • Watts - 46
  • Remote Reservoir - Y
  • Plenum Rated - N
  • Cable Length - 6'

The universal peristaltic pump operates with two temperature sensors. These sensor leads are color coded red and blue and are fastened to the two lineset tubes (under the insulation) at any point. the pump is activated by a temperature differential between these sensors which will occur upon system startup. This pump is intended to run continuously during cooling operation. No reservoir or filter is required. Overflow switch is not included.

Carton Contents

  • Pump Assembly
  • 10' Temperature Sensor Leads
  • 5'x1/4" i.d. Vinyl Tubing
  • 6' Modular Power Cable
  • Inlet Tube & Adaptor
  • Universal Mounting Bracket

Additional Information

Brand Aspen Pumps
Warranty No