Designed to reduce airborne pollutants and allergens indoors when installed with heating and air conditioning equipment, filters also help protect hvac equipment and keep it running efficiently. MERV ratings indicate how effectively a filter captures particles (a higher number does a better job).

  • Pleated air filters hold on tight to dust particles while facilitating higher airflows. These air filters are also the ideal choice for odor reduction or removal of bio-aerosols in industrial or commercial HVAC systems. We offer pleated filters from Quality Filters in a variety of MERV Specs.
  • Our Brand Specific filters are a terrific way to convenientlyl find your replacement filters based on the brand HVAC system you have. Scroll through and find your brand and size and you are all set!
  • We offer Media Air Cleaners from Goodman, Honeywell and Pro1. These air cleaners help protect and prolong the operating efficiency of central heating and cooling systems compared to systems that do not use enhanced air filtration components. The filter can remove household dust, coal dust, insecticide, dust mites, pollen, mold spores, fungi, bacteria, pet dander, cooking smoke and grease, and tobacco smoke particles.
  • Our pleated inserts from Quality Filters are your first line of defense in a home or business. Whether added as a pre-filter or used in residential settings these filters are shown in industry tests to be highly effective filtering tools, making the air you breathe safer and cleaner!