7.5 kW Electric Heating Furnace Three Phase

7.5 kW Electric Heating Furnace Three Phase

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Model #: WON0754-B
Brand : Unico

Availability: In stock

  • Unico Small Duct System

  • Matches All Models

  • 300 CFM

  • 60 Hz

  • 230V

  • Single Supply Circuit

  • 3 Phase

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7.5 kW Electric Heating Furnace Three Phase WON0754-B


The electric furnaces are designed to provide primary heating or auxiliary heating in a heat pump system.The electric duct furnace is approved for attic, closet, or alcove installation, with “0” clearance to combustible materials. It can be mounted either directly to the blower module or in the main duct. The 15 and 20 kW single phase furnaces contain two supply circuits. Supply wires can be run separately for each circuit, which is the default configuration. Using two supply circuits allows the use of smaller gauge wires. In some cases, it is necessary to use smaller gauge wire to comply with building codes that limit the maximum wire size that can be used for a single circuit. The two circuits can also be joined together with a jumper bar. This is included with all dual circuit furnaces. The jumper bar allows the use of one pair of larger gauge wire, as opposed to two pairs of smaller gauge wire. Note: Circuit breakers installed in this device are for shortcircuit protection of internal wiring and to serve as a service disconnect. Circuit breakers installed within this device DO NOT provide over current protection of the supply wiring.

All Unico System furnaces include a 10-inch (254-mm) round plenum adapter and a 9½ × 9½-inch (241 × 241-mm) square plenum adapter.


  • Galvanized insulated sheet metal cabinet enclosure
  • Can be converted to a duct heater
  • Magnetic de-energizing contactors for each element
  • Line level auto limit primary safety set @ 165ºF
  • Line level fuse link back-up safety
  • Fan interlock control, fan signal proving switch
  • Circuit breakers on all units
  • Time delay sequencers for a gradual “stepped” power draw (softer start)
  • Low voltage terminal strip (24 volt control)
  • Specially designed tight cabinet for small duct, high velocity systems
  • Single Supply (all units) or dual supply (15 and 20kW)


  • Provides comfortable heat
  • Can be used as primary or auxiliary heat source
  • Quiet
  • Efficient
  • Replaces natural gas furnaces

Additional Information

Brand Unico
Application No
liquid_line_connection_size No
Suction Line Connection Size No
amperage(amp0 No
Heating Capacity No
Cooling Capacity No
Warranty One Year: Our standard warranty on all Unico System parts and pieces is one full year from the date of installation.