5 Zone MXZ-5B42NA + (2) MSZ-GE06NA + (2) MSZ-GE09NA + (1) MSZ-GE18NA - 48000 BTU (4) Ton

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Model #: MXZ-5B42NA(6+6+9+9+18)WM
Brand : Mitsubishi

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  • 5 Zone Wall Mounted System
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    5 Zone MXZ-5B42NA + (2) MSZ-GE06NA + (2) MSZ-GE09NA + (1) MSZ-GE18NA - 48000 BTU (4) Ton

    Mitsubishi MXZ-5B42NA System By Younits.com

    The MXZ-5B42NA(6+6+9+9+18)WM Mitsubishi System combination is specifically matched with the correct indoor air handlers and the outdoor MXZ-5B42NA Heat Pump condenser based on the approved parameters set by Mitsubishi.

    This system is comprised of:

    1 x MXZ-5B42NA

    2 x MSZ-GE06NA

    2 x MSZ-GE09NA

    1 x MSZ-GE18NA

    It comes with all the necessary components provided by Mitsubishi. Line-sets and Installation components are sold separately.

    The MXZ-5B42NA(6+6+9+9+18)WM Mitsubishi System is also commonly searched as 6+6+9+9+18 in the search bar as are all Mini-split Multi-Zone combination. Try any combination up to 8 zones.

    Younits.com can also custom create any mix and match combination within the allowable parameters set by the manufacturer. Let us quote it for you.

    Cooling Capacity for the MXZ-5B42NA(6+6+9+9+18)WM:

    12600 - 41500

    Heating Capacity for the MXZ-5B42NA(6+6+9+9+18)WM:

    11400 - 53600

    These capacities are based on calculation taking into account various use scenarios and are not always representative of the application they will be used in.

    For this reason the MXZ-5B42NA(6+6+9+9+18)WM is considered:

    48000 BTU 4 Ton System based on the air handler combination.

    Component Overview

    • MXZ 5B42NA Multi Zone Ductless Outdoor Heat Pump 42,000 BTU (3.5 Ton)

      Mitsubishi MXZ 5B42NA Multi Zone 3.5 Ton Heating and Cooling Ductless System 42,000 BTU Outdoor Unit

      Multiple rooms with individual control from a single system

      Enjoy ideal levels of comfort in the rooms you use most with our multi–room system. Each room (zone) operates independently. People in different rooms – the kitchen, master bedroom, or living room – can enjoy temperature settings that make each of them most comfortable.

      If you’re looking for a complete comfort solution for several different rooms, the MXZ multi-room system is the right choice. The system is flexible enough to conform to a particular cooling and heating need and offers numerous different indoor unit combinations. In addition up to eight indoor units can be connected to one outdoor unit. Now with a SEZ horizontal ducted unit and a MFZ floorstanding unit homeowners can enjoy an even greater range of zoning options provided by an MXZ system.

      An MXZ multi-room system is an excellent choice for supplementing capacity to a current system, conditioning newly furnished spaces, or new additions and replacing a system within a home. Homeowners can also benefit from lower energy costs year-round while staying comfortable thanks to Mitsubishi Electric’s energy-efficient technologies that are a part of every system that we make.

      To add to the level of energy efficiency, the MXZ-2B20NA and MXZ-3B24NA systems qualify for both ENERGY STAR® and the federal tax credit (See details on page 21 for applicable indoor unit combinations).


      Diamond Comfort MXZ Multi-zone systems

      MXZ-B Series multi-zone systems provide personalized comfort control and energy efficiency in up to as many as eight rooms with indoor unit air handlers with only a single outdoor unit.

      The MXZ-B Series system features include the following features:

      •  individual zone control
      •  mix and match flexibility of indoor unit styles and combinations
      •  a wide range of indoor unit capacities that match the room size and requirements
      •  flexible design options to tackle the most challenging multi-room installations
      •  efficient systems, including three systems that meet ENERGY STAR® and federal tax credit requirements
      •  simple, quick, and cost–effective installation keeps install costs down on new construction and disruption to a minimum on renovations and refits

      Efficiency and performance ratings are dependent upon the number, style, and capacity of the indoor units installed with each Multi-Zone System.

      Features and Benefits:

      • Anti-allergy enzyme filter which uses artificial blue enzyme catalyst on the filter filaments to capture harmful microbes
      • Hybrid Catechin pre-filter fibers infused with a bioflavinoid found in green tea that has antiviral and antioxidant properties
      • A-Control for unit wiring allows communication and power between outdoor and indoor units on three wires
      • Pulse Amplitude modulation (PAM) Control aligns electrical input wave to improve electrical power factor up to 98%
      • Low-ambient Cooling Operation allows for efficient operation with outdoor temperatures as low as 14°F (for the inverter models)
      • Powerful Mode provides 15 minutes of extra high-power cooling or heating
      • Wide Airflow (MSY/Z-A24) using two vane motors provides for seven horizontal airflow directions
      • Econo-Cool mode, 1? F step temperature setting, self-diagnostic function, swing mode (up and down), auto restart, dry mode operation
      • 6 year warranty on compressor and 1 year warranty on parts
      • NEW R410A Refrigerant

      Innovative Compressor Technology

      INVERTER-driven compressor systems in the outdoor unit detect subtle changes in temperature and, like a car’s cruise control, automatically adjust compressor speed – unlike conventional units, which start and stop repetitively. Special components within the compressor increase the magnetic flux and reduce its weight, allowing the compressor to generate higher energy efficiencies with better performance than ever before – at low levels of sound during start-up and running

      Efficient. Quiet. Secure.

      That's right. Reliable Mitsubishi MS-A09WA Mr. Slim units deliver all of these. First its small design, smart functionality, and lack of ductwork plus INVERTER (Models MS-A090WA nad MS-A12WA are the only non-inverter type Mitsubishi systems ) technology make it energy-efficient. Second, the unit's fan is designed to deliver air quietly and continuously with only a gentle whoosh for constant circulation and filtration. (That's why Mr. Slim systems were the first choice for thousands of churches, schools, and libraries across the U.S. Shhh!) Third, because each systems installs with only a three-inch opening for connecting the indoor and outdoor units, you don't have to worry about thieves gaining access through an easy-to-remove window unit. With Mr. Slim systems you can sleep in quiet comfort with a sense of security.

      The Solution is Clear

      • Cool only the areas you want and not the areas where you are not
      • Individual zoning at the push of a button, putting you in total comfort control
      • Less then 5% cooling loss occurs in insulated refrigerant lines versus up to 40% through ducts
      • Requiring just a 3 to 4" diameter hole in the outside wall means less mess, better home aesthetics, and improved security, unlike a window unit
      • Mr. Slim models mount high on the wall so they don't disturb your view
      • Mitsubishi units add value to your home and are more efficient than old window units, saving you money

      Quiet Operation

      Do you hear that? No? You barely hear our systems because Mitsubishi indoor units operate with barely a whisper.

      For example:

      • Police siren 118 decibels
      • Circular saw 107 decibels
      • Vacuum cleaner 74 decibels
      • Library reading room 33 decibels
      • Whisper-tone voice 35 decibels
      • Our Indoor Units 19 - 34 decibels (at low speed)

      Did you hear that? We hope you did.

      System Control in the Palm of Your Hand

      Mitsubishi Electric offers a comprehensive remote controller that controls temperature, fan speed and more. Choose from four modes: COOL, HEAT, AUTO and DRY. The controller also has a 12-hour ON/OFF timer for one-button control of your personal comfort.

      Warm Air, No Drafts

      Our hot-start heat pump technology provides warmth from the beginning. The fan increases in speed as the coil is warmed, reducing drafts so when you want warm air, you’ll get it.

      Easy to Maintain

      With easily accessible filters, little or no ductwork to clean, and uncomplicated wiring connection points between the indoor and outdoor units, Mitsubishi systems rely on minimal maintenance, providing another level of comfort.

    Additional Information

    SKU/MODEL MXZ-5B42NA(6+6+9+9+18)WM
    Brand Mitsubishi
    Mounting Type N/A
    Outdoor Unit Type N/A
    SEER Rating N/A
    Zone N/A
    Application No
    Cooling Capacity 48,000
    Heating Capacity 48,000
    Lowest Operating Temperature (Cooling) N/A
    Lowest Operating Temperature (Heating) N/A
    Cooling Range N/A
    Heating Range N/A
    Rated Capacity N/A
    amperage(amp0 No
    Decibels (outdoor) N/A
    Decibels high/med/low/quiet (indoor) N/A
    Dimensions (indoor) (H x W x D) N/A
    Dimensions (outdoor) (H x W x D) N/A
    liquid_line_connection_size No
    Suction Line Connection Size No
    Moisture Removal (Indoor) N/A
    Weight (Indoor) N/A
    Weight (Outdoor) N/A
    Inverter technology N/A
    Energy Star Rated N/A
    Auto Restart N/A
    Sleep Timer N/A
    Air Filter N/A
    Warranty No