4x25x34SEC Slenderized Cast Iron Free Standing Radiator - 4 tubes by 34 sections

4x25x34SEC Slenderized Cast Iron Free Standing Radiator - 4 tubes by 34 sections

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Model #: 4x25x34SEC
Brand : Burnham

Availability: In stock


Product Highlights:

  • Free Standing Cast Iron

  • 11,560 BTU @ 180F

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4x25x34SEC Slenderized Cast Iron Free Standing Radiator - 4 tubes by 34 sections

U.S. Boiler Company is "On the Move" with Burnham products

  • Industry-Leading High Efficiency Products
  • The Most Knowledgeable People in the Industry
  • World-Class Production Capabilities and the commitment to continuing development to be at the forefront of hydronic heating 

U.S. Boiler Company has introduced more new, high efficiency Burnham brand products over the last several years than any other company at any time in the history of hydronic heating! From new ENERGY STAR® certified Baseray baseboard radiators... to high efficiency oil-fired boilers including advanced-design, three-pass, cast iron boilers.

Designed for versatility, durability and optimized heat output, the Slenderized radiator is the perfect choice for hot water or steam heat delivery. Offering a sectional design which provides lengths of 7" to 84", Slenderized radiators are adaptable to virtually every installation requirement. Made of durable cast iron, these radiators not only provide warm and soothing heat, they also retain heat and provide extended warmth when the boiler is not running. Cast iron construction also virtually eliminates the expansion and contraction sounds associated with other types of radiators, making your home both quiet and comfortable.The radiators shield outside walls and windows to stop cold air from infiltrating a room practically eliminating drafts. Also, with radiators, unlike forced air systems, the chilling effect of blowing air moving over your body is eliminated.

Comfort for Your Home or Office

The Burnham line of modern cast iron radiators is suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Slenderized radiators supply a continuous flow of radiant heat. After the boiler has run a full cycle, the hot water or steam in the radiator sections continues to emit heat. The result is a cozy room with less than a two-degree temperature variance from floor to ceiling.

All Burnham radiators are constructed of durable cast iron. They won’t dent, bend or come apart, even after years of service. The radiator’s cast iron construction ensures extended warming time. When the circulator shuts off you will not have a sensation of sudden cooling because of the volume of water inside the radiator system and the ability of cast iron to retain and emit heat. Another benefit of cast iron construction is the quiet operation. Expansion noises are virtually eliminated, so you get home heating comfort that is felt, not heard.


  • Slim design, durable cast iron construction
  • Sectional design, 4 to 48 sections
  • Superior heat retention, even heat distribution
  • Quiet operation
  • Residential or Commercial Applications
  • Cast Iron
  • Combines Radiant Heat With Convected Heat
  • Available in 4 Tube, 19" or 25" High and 6 Tube 25" High
  • Each section measures 1-3/4" wide.

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Brand Burnham
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