20x20x5 Type MQP Merv 11 One Year Grille AC Furnace Pleated Filter Replacement For 20x20x1

20x20x5 Type MQP Merv 11 One Year Grille AC Furnace Pleated Filter Replacement For 20x20x1

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Model #: RAG1120205
Brand : Quality Filters

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20x20x5 Type MQP Merv 11 One Year Grille AC Furnace Pleated Filter - Replacement For 20x20x1


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One Year Grille Filters


  • Filtration up to 15 times more effective than a standard 1” filter
  • Fits in most 1” residential wall or ceiling mount return grilles
  • Lasts three times longer than standard 1” filter
  • Deeper more surface area captures particles as small as 0.3 microns
  • Reduces airborne particles like dust pet dander mold spores and bacteria
  • Less strain on heating and cooling systems
  • MERV 8 MERV 11 and MERV 13 rated per ASHRAE test standard 52.2
  • Available in Odor Ban

One Year Grille Filters Are Ideal For:

  • Residential Use
  • Commercial Use


  • Filter Media Particulate - 100% synthetic gradient media
  • Filter Media Odor Ban - Fine carbon powder bonded to synthetic media
  • Filter Support Grid -  30 gauge galvanized expanded metal grid
  • Frame With Pleat Separators -  Moisture proof resistant 28 point beverage board
  • Max. Temperature -  180°F (82°C) continuous service Peaks 225°F (107°C)
  • Max. Humidity -  Resistant to 100% R.H

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