2.5 - 3 Ton Vertical Plenum / Heating Module Air Handler

2.5 - 3 Ton Vertical Plenum / Heating Module Air Handler

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Model #: M3036V1
Brand : Unico

Availability: In stock

  • Unico Small Duct System

  • With Spacer Module

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Unico 2.5 - 3 Ton Vertical Plenum / Heating Module Air Handler M3036V1

All Unico System modular air handlers are shipped from the factory configured for horizontal airflow but may be also configured for vertical up-flow with the addition of a vertical conversion kit. Most applications designed for vertical configuration use a base plenum to elevate the unit for proper condensate drainage. The Unico System MV module eliminates the need for the installer to build a base.

Vertical Plenum Kit

Kit includes:

  • Vertical Plenum Module
  • Vertical **Spacer Module
  • Pleated Filter(s)
  • 1 Insulated filler plate
  • 2 Corner Brackets
  • Screws
  • Latches
  • Latch Keepers
  • Insulation Strips


The MV module features a built in secondary drain pan with a 3/4" PVC socket connection, pleated filter, and place for an optional hot water coil. The MV module features access panels on both sides so that the heating coil may be inserted from either side. The module may be connected to a heating module return adapter, UPC-104, or operate as a free or “wild” return. If the air is filtered elsewhere, such as at a filter grille, then the central filter in the MV may be removed.

  • Everything needed for converting horizontal to vertical system is included
  • Easy to installl

Cabinet Construction

The cabinet is constructed of 22 gauge galvanized steel. It has a removable panel to insert a hot water coil. The cabinet is fully lined with closed cell insulation. Easy snap latches are included for quick field assembly with the matching modules.

Optional Hot Water Coil

The Unico System Hot Water Coil is designed for use with the Unico ‘M’ series air handlers and the Unico air distribution system. The coil is designed to be used with virtually any source of hot water including oil, electric or gas boilers; wood-fired boilers; solar heating systems; or domestic hot water Combo systems.


Unico manufactures three size hot water heating coils that are designed to slide into a Unico M Series Heating Module or the single piece M1218 fan-coil unit. Model HW1218 fits the M1218 unit, model HW2430 fits into the MH2430 and MV2430 cabinets and model HW3660 fits into the MH3660 and MV3660 cabinets. All necessary mounting brackets are included. The Heating Modules are sold separately or including the coil with the MH modules.

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