2-2.5 Ton Blower Module, 110V DC Motor with S.M.A.R.T. Control Board

2-2.5 Ton Blower Module, 110V DC Motor with S.M.A.R.T. Control Board

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Model #: M2430BL1-EC1
Brand : Unico

Availability: In stock

  • Modular Unit

  • 30,000 BTU

  • Single Speed Motor

  • Variable Low Speed Controller

  • 110V - 1ph

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2-2.5 Ton Blower Module, 110V DC Motor with S.M.A.R.T. Control Board - M2430BL1-EC1

General Information

The Unico System patented modular blowers are designed for use with the Unico System small-duct high velocity (SDHV) system. The blowers exceed the U.S. Department of Energy requirements for SDHV systems requiring a minimum external static pressure of 1.2 inches of water (298 Pa) at the rated airflow when installed with the compatible Unico Cooling Module.The blower module comes with several different motor and control options as follows. 

STD (standard model) – are the most economical and readily available. They include a single-speed motor with a variable speed controller to adjust the low air speed delivery.

ACB (Advanced Control Board) – is an upgraded version of our standard model. It includes a high efficiency two-speed motor witUnico Blower Module with ACBh soft-start and softstop for even quieter operation and configurable for almost every type of system. The two-speed motor provides a highly efficient ventilation speed mode but is not adjustable.

EC1/EC2– is part of the Unico Green Series. This control box includes a super efficient variable speed EC motor with the Unico SCB (S.M.A.R.T. control board). The airflow is completely configurable using a PC

Cabinet Construction

The cabinet is fully insulated with closed cell insulation. There is no exposed fiberglass inside the cabinet. The cabinet is constructed of 22 gauge (0.7-mm) galvanized steel with removable access panels held on both sides for ease of service. All access panels are secured with slotted hex head washer screws and hardened steel U-clip nuts to prevent stripping. See Dimension drawing.

All blower modules feature left-hand connections, where the electrical connections and service access is on the left side of the unit when viewing the return with the airflow at your back.


For air-conditioning the rated airflow is 250 CFM per nominal* ton (34 L/s per kW) and for heat pumps it is 275 CFM per nominal ton (37 L/s). For proper operation, we do not recommend less than 200 CFM per nominal ton (27 L/s per nominal kW)


Features and Controls

The following table shows a comparison of the various features.


Additional Information

Brand Unico
Application No
liquid_line_connection_size 3/8"
Suction Line Connection Size 7/8"
amperage(amp0 No
Heating Capacity No
Cooling Capacity No
Warranty One Year: Our standard warranty on all Unico System parts and pieces is one full year from the date of installation.