1-1.5 Ton Chilled & Hot Water Air Handler, 230V DC Motor with Standard Control Board

1-1.5 Ton Chilled & Hot Water Air Handler, 230V DC Motor with Standard Control Board

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Model #: U1218L-1ST2CH
Brand : Unico

Availability: In stock

  • Chilled & Hot Water Air Handler

  • One-Piece Fancoil Unit

  • Vertical Up-Flow or Horizontal Flow

  • R410a

  • 230V - 1ph

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Unico M1218 1-1.5 Ton Chilled & Hot Water Air Handler, 230V DC Motor with Standard Control Board - U1218L-1ST2CH

Model Identification


The Unico System is a complete indoor comfort system that includes an indoor fan coil unit and small duct system. The fan coil unit and duct system were designed to operate together to provide the proper airflow in every installation.The conditioned air is supplied through a series of two-inch diameter ducts as a stream of air that 

entrains and mixes with the room air. This process of aspiration produces a more even temperature distribution in the room than a conventional system.

The Unico M1218 Fan Coil unit is a single packaged unit. The cooling and heating coils are contained within the same cabinet. The unit can be mounted in a vertical upflow or horizontal-flow configuration. The coils can be combined as a heating-only, cooling-only, or heating and cooling fan coil unit.

For cooling, the M1218 is designed for R-410A refrigerant (both A/C and Heat Pump) or a chilled water coil. For heating, the M1218 offers an optional hot water, or you may use the installed heat pump coil or chilled water coil (using hot water), or you may use an electric heater.

The M1218 is designed to deliver up to 350 CFM (0.17 m3/s) of air with a static pressure of 1.5 inches of water (373 Pa). The minimum airflow for refrigerant systems is 200 CFM per nominal ton (27 L/s per nominal kW).

Cabinet Construction

The cabinet is fully insulated with closed cell insulation. There is no exposed fiberglass inside the cabinet. The cabinet is constructed of 22 gauge (0.7-mm) galvanized steel with removable access panels on both sides for ease of service.

Features and Controls

Unico designed and built blowers feature direct drive motors that are located in the air stream. Each blower wheel is balanced to Unico specifications. The blowers are capable of generating external pressures up to 1.5 inches of water (373 Pa).

A control box is provided with the blower module. It is located inside the air handler. Other controls include a 24- volt transformer and the necessary blower relays. All connections are made to terminal blocks.

The most convenient and simplest way to achieve constant ventilation with the Unico System is to use the ACB (Advanced Control Board). The ACB can be used with both standard three-speed and the two-speed MP motors and is suitable for use with just about every configuration.

The Unico System Advanced Control Board

The Unico System ACB is the finest and most versatile fan control system on the market. Its remarkable compatibility with refrigerant-cooling (AC) systems, refrigerant heating (heat-pump) systems, chilled water systems (including all UniChiller and UniChillerRC products), hot water systems and electric heat modules, allows control of any practical combination.

Soft-Start / Soft-Stop — For the ultimate in quiet, the ACB’s control board will slowly ramp up to speed when it starts and slowly ramp down when it shuts off.

Ventilation Mode — The ACB’s board is preconfigured to allow the user to select constant ventilation when the system is not actively heating or cooling. When used with the 2-speed MP motors, the ventilation speed has the further benefit of low operating cost, as it uses only 1/4th of full-speed power. (see chart)

Simplified Wiring — The ACB’s control box was developed with the contractor in mind. All wiring terminals are clearly labeled and are designed for point-to-point wiring (one wire per terminal).

Electronic Air Cleaner (EAC) or UV Light — The Unico ACB also provides a relay to energize a humidifier with a separate humidistat input for proper control. The ACB even provides a feature to allow the humidistat to control the fan so that humidity can be added even if the fan is not already on. And, of course, the ACB is smart enough to sense when the system is trying to cool, so that humidity is not added if in cooling mode.

Designed for the Unico Electric Heat Module — Multiple stage thermostats gradually turn on the electric heat after the heat pump — improving the efficiency of the heat pump while maintaining the greatest capacity.

Designed for the UniChiller RC — The ACB control is designed to operate the Chiller from the thermostat. And, for multiple thermostat systems, the control boards can communicate, making one master the others for the best system control available.

Designed for Hot Water Heating Systems — The ACB control allows you to select whether the hot water heating is primary, secondary or emergency heat for single or multistaged systems. Also, a timer function is included to operate the hot water pump when used with potable water “combo” systems on a periodic basis.

Quality Design and Manufacture — Made from the highest quality electronic parts, improved winter operation periodically runs fan to help prevent moisture condensation inside the ducts during the off cycle. It is fully certified to UL standards and listed as part of the Unico Blower Module with ETL. Every ACB board is fully tested.

Additional Information

Brand Unico
Application No
liquid_line_connection_size 3/8"
Suction Line Connection Size 5/8"
amperage(amp0 No
Heating Capacity No
Cooling Capacity No
Warranty One Year: Our standard warranty on all Unico System parts and pieces is one full year from the date of installation.