7.5 Ton - Gas Heat Electric Cooling Packaged Rooftop Unit, Belt Drive 180,000 BTU

7.5 Ton - Gas Heat Electric Cooling Packaged Rooftop Unit, Belt Drive 180,000 BTU

Model #: KGA092S4BM-Y
Brand : Allied Commercial

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Product highlights:

  •    11.0 EER

  •    11.8 IEER

  •    180,000 BTU Heating

  •    88,200 BTU Cooling

  •    Heating & Cooling Rooftop Unit

  •    Belt Drive Motor

  •    R410a Refrigerant

  •    High Pressure Switches

  •    Thermostatic Expansion Valves

  •    Scroll Compressor

  •    208/230V/60Hz/3ph

Availability: In stock


Allied Commercial 7.5 Ton - Gas Heat Electric Cooling Packaged Rooftop Unit, Belt Drive 180,000 BTU - KGA092S4BM-Y

K-Series™ rooftop units are known for precise, dependable performance. Thanks to advanced features and thoughtful product designs, the K-Series is flexible, too, making it an excellent choice for virtually any commercial application. K-Series units are available as gas/electric, electric/electric or heat pump units and range in size from 2 to 25 tons.

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Features and Options

K-Series rooftop units from Allied are the new standard for reliable, efficient rooftop units built for long-lasting performance that can significantly improve indoor environments. K-Series rooftop units feature:

  • Aluminized Steel Heat Exchanger With Inshot Burners - Life cycle tested.
  • R-410A Refrigerant - Environmentally friendly
  • Scroll Compressors - Single speed scroll compressors are furnished on all models.
  • Eco-last™ Coil System - Smaller, lighter condenser coil.
  • High Pressure Switches - Protect compressor.
  • Isolated Compressor Compartment - Allows performance check during normal compressor operation without disrupting airflow.
  • Independent Outdoor Fan Motor Mounts - Allows for easy and efficient service access without removing the top panel.
  • Constant Air Volume (CAV) or Single Zone VAV Supply Fan Blower Option - Allows constant or multi-staged air delivery.
  • Downflow or Horizontal Airflow - Easy field conversion.
  • Two Fork Lift Slots on Three Sides - Easy to pick up and transport units from almost any angle.
  • Corrosion-Resistant Removable, Reversible Drain Pan - Provides application flexibility, durability and improved serviceability.
  • Thermostatic Expansion Valves - Provide peak cooling performance across the entire application range.
  • MERV 8 or MERV 13 Filters - Available as field installed option, provide an enhanced level of indoor air quality, and can help the building qualify for additional LEED credits.


K Series Features

1) Heat Exchanger - Tubular construction, aluminized steel, life cycle tested.
2) Scroll Compressors - Scroll compressors on all models for high performance, reliability and quiet operation.
3) Eco-last™ Coil System - Condenser coil features lightweight, all aluminum brazed fin construction.
4) Outdoor Coil Fans - PVC coated fan guard furnished.
5) Controls - Unit Control: All control voltage is provided via a 24V (secondary) transformer with built-in circuit breaker protection. Night Setback Mode: Saves energy by closing outdoor air dampers and operating supply fan on thermostat demand only.
6) Construction - Heavy-gauge steel panels and full perimeter heavy-gauge galvanized steel base rail provides structural integrity for transportation, handling, and installation.
7) Blower - A wide selection of supply air blower options are available to meet a variety of airflow requirements.
8) (Optional) Disconnect Switch - Accessible from outside of unit, spring loaded weatherproof cover furnished. Main power to the unit is field connected to the disconnect which allows all power to be shut off for service.
9) Air Filters - Disposable 2 inch filters furnished as standard.
10) (Optional) Economizer with Temperature Control with Downflow or Horizontal With Barometric Relief Dampers and Hoods - Parallel gear-driven action return air and outdoor air dampers, plug-in connections to unit, nylon bearings, neoprene seals, 24-volt, fully-modulating, spring return motor, adjustable minimum damper position. Economizer includes outdoor air hood and barometric relief dampers with exhaust hood.
11) Barometric Relief Dampers - Allow relief of excess air. Aluminum blade dampers prevent blow back and outdoor air infiltration during off cycle. Exhaust hood with bird screen furnished.

Tailor the K-Series to Your Needs

With more than 100 field-installed options to choose from, the K-Series can provide the exact solution for almost any application. K-Series units range from 2 to 25 tons in capacity, and are available in three configurations: gas/electric, electric/electric and heat pump.

Optional Accessories

K-Series units include convenient features like plug connections for wiring, panel knock-outs and pre-installed accessory framing. You can choose a stock unit and quickly install accessories, providing immediate relief when you need it.

  • Field-powered GFI
  • Disconnects
  • Economizers with single or dual enthalpy control
  • Electric heat
  • 50% constant-volume power exhaust fan
  • CO2 sensor
  • Return and supply air smoke detectors
  • Low ambient kits
  • Hail guards
  • Coil guards
  • LPG conversion kit (gas/electric only)
  • -40°F cold weather kit (gas/electric only)
  • Combustion air intake and flue exhaust extensions(gas/electric only)
  • Blower proving switch
  • Dirty filter switch
  • Manual outdoor air dampers (25%)
  • Motorized outdoor air dampers
Application Forced Air Configuration Rooftop
Cooling Capacity 88,200 BTU/h Heating Capacity 180,000 BTU/h
Height 48" Width 60.5"
Depth 101.5" Drive Type Belt
Compressor Type Scroll Stage 2
Voltage (V) 208/230V - 3ph Refrigerant R410a
Decibels 88 dBa Weight 1154
Warranty Limited ten years aluminized heat exchanger; Limited fifteen years optional stainless steel heat exchanger; Limited five years on compressors; Limited three years on the Eco-last™ Coil System; Limited one year all other covered components.